About Leaf and Tree.

Leaf and Tree is a project services company providing skills and expertise in project management, software development, writing and creative arts.

The creative team at Leaf and Tree believes a successful project is the result of both discipline and flexibility. Gone are the days when being a subject matter expert is sufficient to manage a project. Enter project managers with robust methodology and solid frameworks, excellent communication skills, creativity and a broad skills and knowledge base. One-dimensional projects that focus exclusively on cost, or technology, are simply boring.

Projects that inspire, entertain, move and enthral are something else.

We are not a consulting company and we don’t want to tell people how to manage their projects. We are interested in creating opportunities by combining education, talent, knowledge, creativity and insight.

We believe in the value of people on projects, allowing them to fully develop and utilise their skills through autonomy, responsibility and a sense of purpose.

You might think Leaf and Tree a weird name for a project services company, or that we are actually a pair of lumberjacks. Well, no, we're not lumberjacks, although we do enjoy nature and even some gardening.

The name Leaf and Tree reflects our philosophy of paying attention to detail whilst never losing sight of the complete and whole picture. Computer science is full of concepts of leaves and trees in algorithms, parts and the whole, clients and servers, and nodes and their connections in a complete system. Project Management is also made up of knowledge areas and process groups, the parts, and project integration management, pulling it all together into one coherent project. Likewise, the team is made up of individuals, who each contribute skills and knowledge to carry a project to its successful completion.

We are currently managing projects in software development and documentary filmmaking.

Our services

Project Management, Script Writing, Software Development, Research, Feature Writing, Documentary, Communications Management, Risk Management, Educational program development


Ida Røhne Project Manager

Ida is not your average project manager. Travelling the corners of the world, she worked in fashion, journalism, linguistics, writing and education before deciding to study Project Management. Being a passionate advocate for this field, Ida is often dispelling some of the common myths about the discipline of Project Management through her work, writings and conversations.

Coming from a linguistics and educational background, and having applied project management in a variety of sectors, Ida challenges the commonly held belief that Project Management only or mostly applies to industries such as IT, construction or engineering. She also challenges the idea that software development methodology is synonymous with project management methodology, and will leave you with no doubt that Project Management is a discipline in its own right, independent of field of expertise. 

Ida believes stakeholder engagement and communications management are key factors in project success, and increased diversity in gender, knowledge base and educational background will greatly enhance the project management discipline.

When she's not successfully managing projects, you might find Ida enjoying the outdoors and the amazing collection of wildlife in nature. You might also find her horse riding, swimming, or at the theatre or film festivals enjoying films in many languages.

Ida’s skills include:

  • Project management
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Communications management
  • Risk management
  • Business process analysis
  • Research
  • Report writing
  • Feature writing
  • Scriptwriting
  • Educational program design and development

Jason Smart Developer

Jason has been a tinkerer from way back, starting with radios, lamps, bicycles and moving up to a Texas Instruments 99/4A on which he wrote a Q*bert clone and other games in TI Extended basic using sprites.

He then tried to answer the big questions of life through mathematics and later by standing on his head, meditating at silly hours of the morning and drinking ridiculous amounts of water. Life of course still remains a mystery and more important than the answers are the questions.

After this metaphysical meandering, he finally got serious with software and spent a number of years fighting entropy whilst maintaining others code and projects.

Jason's involvement in Leaf and Tree is part of his belief that Software Development methodology and Project Management are not mutually exclusive, but rather their integration is where real benefits will be realised. Having seen so many poorly managed companies, he also wanted to be part of a company where people are the highest priority.

Jason’s skills include:

  • Software Engineering (Many technologies)
  • Mathematics
  • Agile development
  • Systems administration (Version control, Issue management, Document Management, Automated Testing, Web Servers)
  • Project management